Sleeping and Studying After Asr

Ml Yusuf Laher


It appears in the Hadeeth that sleeping after Asr can cause loss of intellect and senses, i.e. insanity. (Musnad Abu Ya'laa V8 P316). However, the chain of transmission through which this Hadeeth has been narrated is not very authentic and sound. 


Nonetheless, since many high ranking Ulama of the past have mentioned this in their writings, it in our best interests NOT to sleep after the Asr Salaah. This sleep will not be Haraam, but strongly discouraged. 


Imam Ghazali (Rahmatullaahi Alayh) writes in 'Ihyaa'ul Uloom' that the eyes should be rested after Asr. He contends that reading after Asr can be harmful to the eyes. Thus he discourages reading and studying after Asr (Ihyaa'ul Uloom V2 P185). 

This too, is not a Haraam act but is based on medical and health reasons. 


Allah Ta'aala knows best.