No One is More Loyal and Faithful than Allah Ta'aala

Advise of Aarif Billaah Hadhrat Moulana Shaah Hakeem Mohammed Akhtar Saheb

Ml Yusuf Laher


A child is in absolute comfort and ease in the lap of its mother. If someone grabs the child from the lap of the mother, what does that child undergo? It becomes restless in the remembrance of the parents. Remember that the love of a mother is also creation (created by Allah). No one has a continual concern about our well-being besides Allah. Mercy of parents (on their children) is not of their own initiative but an endowment from Allah. 


If Allah removes this quality from them, they will not express mercy on their children. 


When Calcutta was stricken with drought and people were dying because there was no food, parents slaughtered their own children and ate them. When the trains passed through 'Bawra', skeletons of these children were seen strewn around. Thus, there is no reliance in the love of anyone.


We have also seen such offspring who wish the death of their parents. They plan and scheme the murder of their parents. We have also heard of such wives who poisoned their husbands so that they could marry other men. 


There is no trust, no reliance on the love of anyone, except the love of Allah who is with us on this earth and also when we are in it (in life and death).


There is no one in this universe more loyal, more worthy of love, more beloved, One who keeps us in comfort, than Allah. 


Those who erroneously think that there is enjoyment and pleasure in gazing at women and in their song and dance, should question those who are involved in these types of illicit relationships. Place a Qur'aan Shareef on their heads and ask them how their lives are? They will take an oath and admit that "since we have discarded fasting and Salaah, we have become distanced from Allah, we are burning in Jahannam." 



Alas! How gloomy is the world of the sinner

Filled with celestial lights is the world of the pious ones


Even the kings (although they possess wealth and glory, but are disobedient to Allah) are deprived of the peace and tranquillity possessed by those close to Allah.



The heavy crowns on the heads of the kings mostly causes headaches

In the hearts of the faithful flows a river of Noor


In the hearts of those who are obedient to Allah, flows a river of celestial light and peace.


May Allah Ta'aala make us from among them, Aameen.