Ml Yusuf Laher


Marriage is the social fabric that binds society. It is the institution that unites not only the spouses, but their families and even communities. Through the strong bond of marriage a firmly rooted family is established which is a vital for the development of society. If any interference disrupts this cycle, society faces major problems with the generations that follow. 

One glaring example of how this cycle has been disrupted is the increasing amount of children being born out of wedlock. As a result, moral degeneration and corruption is being spread at a rapid pace throughout the world. 

In recent times many factors are found to be disrupting this sacred institution The ECUC has dealt with a number of marital problems and have found that the factors leading to the breaking down of marriages are similar in most cases. 


The number one factor that breaks up marriages is the increasing amount of extra marital affairs. In many cases, the new 'couple' choose to be with one another and the first husband/wife is left to look after the children. 


Drug abuse is also on the rise and is also a major factor in breaking up of marriages. 


Nowadays psychological abuse is also becoming increasingly common.  Husbands physically or mentally abuse their wives or vice versa.


Misuse of the internet and the cellular phone also plays a role. 


Lastly, the staying away from one another for long periods of time also decreases affection for one another and at times leads to the breaking up of the marriage. 

Extra effort should be made to unite the hearts of the spouses and to keep this important Sunnah of Nabi SAW alive.